72 hours in Australia – making the best of your layover

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Having only a few days in one of the world’s most beautiful countries is nothing close to ideal, but making the best of your short time down under can be effortless. Choosing activities and tours that will make the most of your time is essential! As long as you steer clear of the Vegemite and pack a GoPro, your days are bound to be unforgettable.

Day 1: Whitsunday Islands

All aboard! You are headed towards 74 magnificent islands connected by a massive stretch of reef swarming with marine life. No automatic alt text available.You can snorkel, dive, enjoy a beverage and explore the endless white-sand beaches.

The Whitsunday Islands are among the world’s most eco-friendly beaches and plan to stay that way! The views here are breathtaking so taking upwards of 200 pictures is recommended!


Day 2: Surfing in Byron BayImage may contain: 1 person

It’s easy to see why Byron Bay is known for its surfing. It boasts nearly 365 days of warm water, consistent waves and the best surf schools. Your instructor will teach you the basics on land before taking the salty plunge. If it’s your first time surfing don’t worry, bruises are sign you’re improving. Just relax and let your hair down, the feeling of catching that first wave is unlike any other.

Day 3: Scuba Diving

Once you’ve shed a few tears knowing this will be your last day, step on board a boat headed towards the Great Barrier ReefThe crew will brief you on safety and diving practices during the trip as to not waste any precious dive time. Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.03.07 PM.png

You’ll get suited up in a fancy scuba suit and all the matching gear – don’t worry, everyone looks like an idiot, not just you. You are guided to the reef by a crew member and get to explore its many wonders, you might even get up close and personal with a fish as big as you!


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While three days in Australia may seem less than perfect, investing your time in these activities will guarantee only the best memories and experiences. Let’s be honest with ourselves, is there any better way to spend 72 hours!